hey - welcome! i'm nuc, the whale. . .

this site chronicles my life and times, and it's gradually coming together even though it's so hard to type with these big flippers and this tiny keyboard ... but i did get a new computer finally – a container fell off a ship in the drake passage last winter. we all got new computers!

[in case you're wondering how a whale is fluent in human language, remember that while you humans have been studying dolphins and orcas, dolphins and orcas have had an excellent opportunity to study you [thanks Walt!]... and i'd say they're the quicker study! we whales have been listening in beside ships for years, but our work with human scientists has proven to be the rosetta stone.]

anyway, look around, hope you like it, i add to my blog as i have the time – so busy – so many miles to swim, so much krill to eat. and sometimes i have wi-fi and sometimes i don't, just depends on the ships we come across.

here's my favorite link, of course... Greenpeace

we whales believe in one god one planet; unity in diversity; prejudice is wrong; investigate truth for yourself; all whales are equal; females and males are equal; science & religion are in harmony; justice and peace are the crying needs of our world. we're like bahá'ís, if only bahá'ís treated homosexuals with equality.

you humans have a saying, "nuke the whales" – sort of says it all, doesn't it? the ultimate cynical statement. (i hope, anyway – and that y'all are not, in fact, advocating the extinction of the one percent of my people who remain from the genocide slaughters of the 19th and 20th centuries!) (i mean, what do you want from us, blood?)

we whales have a similar hip and cynical saying – "tsunami the humans." we could, you know, but we won't, we aren't deathmakers. so sad, the big tsunamis several years ago, in japan, in the indian ocean. but, enough of us gathered in the right places, singing the right ultra-low frequencies, long enough... we know where the active faults are, we can hear them singing in tension. earthquakes are an awesome symphony of release.

some humans don't say "nuke the whales" for the irony. scary!

one nice thing about being a blue whale is we can swim some of the most beautiful places on earth ... way out of shipping lanes, far away from the floating plastic deathzones (although plastic and ghost lines are everywhere now). we're so keenly aware of our own life and the life of the ... and we're aching with sadness because these beautiful places disappear one after another as our once-kind mother becomes ever more plundered and desecrated.

you humans have lost something along the way, something you never even knew you had, never even realized existed, could have had for the asking ...

—  ALL  ground  is  sacred  ground  —

... and what have you done with sacred ground? – even now only a few can glimpse the true abyss towards which your global civilization hurtles, taking the rest of us in creation haplessly along. your leaders talk, and talk, and talk, but nothing happens except bad news and more bad news.

you might wonder why i'm even interested in ground, since i have all the ocean. but remember: the whole earth is one ground – there's ground beneath the ocean too ... and remember also that everything on land eventually comes to the sea. kind of gives me a vested interest.

there's a whole lot of shaking going on — we're in for a rough ride

"mother nature bats last."

...god help us all!